Question for Video File and background sounds

I am on Windows 10/ Audacity version 2.1.2 and wounded creature in need of help. Ok that is a metaphore for my lack of technical expertise!
I have a recorded video outside and it is quite loud the sounds so my voice isnt very prominent… also the constant buzzing of the recording sound . I want to know if someone can help me, if I put it on drop box to clean up the sound. I have spent long time trying to figure out how to fix myself with noise reduction and amplification settings but to no avail besides getting a headache sound just isnt clear of me talking in the video or does not appear very professional. This is for a meditation business I have and a video i would like to be a nice addition for website.

You can post some work if you like, but we may never be able to turn it into a good quality show.

The video people have many tricks to get good, clear sound during a video shoot. It’s much harder than it looks.

How did you shoot the video? Video camera? Cellphone? Is the video something you can create or recreate in post production? Sometimes you can shoot yourself in a quiet room with the original video playing in your headphones and announce the same words. Then use the new words in the video using the effects tools in your video editor. Sometimes Hollywood people do that if the shoot sound doesn’t work right.


Thank you for getting back to me…
Okay the video was shot using an iphone the newest model… I do have 2 other videos one using a digital camera which has a video.
What I want to get at is wouldbe nice to use an outside video… if not I did do a third video inside.

I have downloaded video editing software Blender… and attempting to learn it in the meantime I have a raw video I put on drop box I can share with you… I need email address to give you privledge to use it?

Also to answer your question, I would want the sound to be with the video for authentic purposes…

Can you do it without the email address? Will they let you post “open” to anybody?


I have downloaded video editing software Blender…

I’ve never used Blender, but I don’t think it’s a video editor… I believe it’s for creating video animations…

Any video editor should allow you to replace the existing audio with new audio.

Even if you were able to clean-up the audio from your existing video, Audacity will have “extracted” the audio from your audio/video file and you’ll need a video editor to replace the old audio with the cleaned-up audio.

Most video editors have some audio editing capability and maybe even audio recording capability, so you may not need a separate audio editor. I’ve used Corel Video Studio and I currently have Cyberlink Power Director (but I’m not doing much video currently). [u]PC Magazine[/u] has some video editor recommendations and [u]Gizmo’s[/u] has recommendations for FREE video editors.