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how do I lower the singer’s voice by 100 percent in the software Audacity and leave only the melody?

There are two effects that might work:
[u]Vocal Reduction and Isolation[/u]
[u]Vocal Remover[/u]

These will completely remove vocals that are perfectly centered in a stereo recording (identical in the left & right channels) and they will also remove everything else in the “center”, except you can filter to keep the bass and very-high frequencies.

…I consider these “novelty effects” They can be fun to play with but they rarely give you professional-sounding results.

“You can’t un-bake a cake or un-fry an egg and you can’t un-mix sound.” Professional studio recordings are [u]multi-track recorded[/u] where every voice & instrument is separately recorded. The tracks can be edited, adjusted, re-recorded, or removed, independently before the tracks are mixed-down to stereo (or surround, etc.). And, it’s the same reason multiple microphones are used on stage… So the sound engineer can adjust all of the mics separately as they are mixed.

And it 100% lowers the singer’s voice from the song leaving only the melody?

Read what I said and try it on your particular file(s).

it 100% lowers the singer’s voice

No. Most of these tools fail most of the time. The song has to be stereo, perfectly mixed with the lead singer in the exact stereo center, no compression (no MP3s) and no special effects, or environment filters. That lets out most commercial songs.

I did vocal removal about half-way through this.

This one has echo effects added to the voice. The echo effects hang around even if the voice vanishes.


You can get a link to download the software Audacity The latest version of the download is safe To Windows please?

You can download Audacity for Windows [u]here[/u].

How do i do Vocal Reduction and Isolation
What to click on the software

The Audacity Manual explains this:

I click on effects in the software
pushing vocal remover
And I get the following message:
No Audio Selected
And below:
Select the Audio for vocal remover to use (for example, Ctrl + A to Select All) then try again
What it means?

I try to 100% lower the voice of the singer but do not lower why

Please read the answers already given. In particular, this answer:

How do I lower my voice 100%?

Who can you talk to here for 100%?

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