Question About Saving a Project File

Not sure how to ask this question, since I’m not a programming expert. But I’ll try.

When working on an Audacity project file over a long stretch of time, I’ll often make edits: adding a new WAV file to the project, adjusting gain to certain parts, editing, whatever. When I save a new edit, does the project file only save the changes? Or does it resave the entire project file anew, regardless of how small the change was?

These are the Project options in 3.4.2.

Screen Shot 2024-04-16 at 2.19.46 PM

I don’t remember the specifics, but in general, I think Save Project As starts a new project and then continues on from the new project. I think Backup lets you create a stand-alone project and continue on the original.

Traditionally, Audacity saves the Whole Show. When you Edit > UNDO, it just steps the whole show back to the last save. The instant you close, everything vanishes but the last save.

Do Not edit your whole audiobook. Edit the chapters, and then export WAV backups in addition to the Projects. Projects can be brittle.


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