Question about ripping vinyl to MP3

Newbie here. I would like to rip some vinyl to MP3 only so I can use on my portable player. I purchased a 3.5mm stereo male to 2 RCA female adapter cable and used to connect my turntable to my PC via the microphone input. Now I’m getting a constant hum or buzz when I record. I assume this is because the phono is not grounded as it had been on the receiver. Do you think my assumption is correct? If so, how can I remedy this issue? Thank you for any suggestions. Todd

The Mic-In (pink) of your laptop is generally for a mono microphone connection.

Oh! I forgot I wrote this.


You didn’t tell us what kind of turntable…

If it’s a “normal” TT, eg, one without a preamp, you probably need a ground wire from the TT chassis to ground on your preamp. In your case, your computer is the preamp. This isn’t the easiest setup, because computers can induce a lot of interference. And because the connection from your TT isn’t balanced, this will be very audible in the recording.

If you want to record a lot of vinyl, look for one of the USB interfaces with a phono input, like the ART Audio USB phono preamp/interface. That will save you a lot of hassle. And even if the ART isn’t manufactured any more, some remain available in the sales channel…