Question about recording tracs

1st time here. This may already be here, but I didn’t find anything. I was wanting to record my music trac (Karaoke) and add my voice later. How can I do this. What I wanting is, say like a multi tracs. recorder. Can I do this with audacity. This way I can control the volume of the music and voice. And control the volume say without the music over riding the voice and voice over riding the music…If there is a tutorial. Please leave a link or links on how to do this and how to set audacity up to your comp. Thanks

What you want to do is called overdubbing. There are no tutorials specifically about overdubbing unfortunately.
This tutorial - - does get into mixing music and voice tracks and may help.

To listen to a previously recorded track while recording a new one you need to turn overdubbing on. How you do that depends on which version of Audacity you are using. So, could you tell us which version of Audacity you are using, and which computer and operating system, please? That information will help us give you better answers.

  • Bill

Thanks billw58… I don’t have audacity yet, but was wondering if I could do this with audacity. If I could I was gonna to buy the program. I want to check audacity out and what all it does… I have a old 4 trac recorder that I used to make tapes withand then burn to a CD. I could put my music and gutiar and voice on three individual tracs and mix them. Will audacity allow you to do this. and If not what program would you recomend. Thanks for the reply…

Audacity is free. Download it from here:

I’d recommend you get the 1.3.12 “beta” version.

– Bill