Question about posting

I posted a question in General Questions for stable, titled “Audacity Security” a couple of hours ago, and it’s no longer in the forum. If I posted incorrectly, please let me know, but I would very much like someone to take on the issue that it addressed. Thank you.

I see that you have now found it

Hi, I am finding it difficult to find where I can open a new post. I would like to seek an answer to a problem but can’t find where to write it. Please help! roy windmill


simply find the sub-forum that matches your set up in terrms of computer version of Audacity etc, Click on that sub-forum from the main index. Then you will see a big button on the left towards the top of the page marked in red NEWTOPIC

Just click on that button to start a new thread in the sub-forum you have selected.


Hi W.C, Thanks for your reply, but I still can’t find “new topic”. You say, “click on sub forum from the Main Index,” which I can’t find, and,“on the left towards Top of Page click on New Topic”
Sorry for this. All I want to do is to ask a question. Thanks, Roy

there is no “sub forum” which is why you can’t find it - the forum is divided up into little subsections with titles relating to the operating system you use and the version of Audacity you use.

My guess is that you are using 1.2.6 Audacity om Windows, right, wrong?

In which case click on the word “Windows” (which is the 3rd item down) in the section marked Audacity Stable 1.2.x - which will then bring up this page (note that you will have to click on this link to rring the actual page up). There you will see the NEWTOPIC button.

If you are not on Windows or not on 1.2.x - simply choose the one relevant to your setup.