Question about pitch ....

Hey, im a bit new here.
So I would want to know how can i set a part of the audio to go from high pitch to low pitch, slowly.
I dont see any effects like that i could use. So could i download one somewhere?

There’s a feature called “time track” that does that. It’s under Tracks>Add New>Time Track. You can edit the time track with the envelope tool.

If you’d like to change only the pitch and not the speed, I don’t think that is possible with Audacity. Maybe someone else knows.

Thanks a lot!

By the way, do you know how could i change only the speed, or is it possible?

But still thanks

Continuous pitch rise or drop: Menu->Effects->Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift

Change pitch without changing speed: Menu->Effects->Change Pitch
Change speed without changing pitch: Menu->Effects->Change Speed