Question about lock-out when using Timer Record

I realize that this has been hashed over but I just want to understand it a bit more.

There seems to be too much locked out with timer-record enabled. My question is how it is programmed? Is it one option in the code that, once set, locks everything. It may have its safety precautions but is there a way for me to try it without the lock-out at my own risk?

What is locked out that you don’t want locked out?

Why not cancel the timer record, do whatever it is you want to do, then restart timer record.

Yes, I have to stop the timer-record to:
.1) click on the mic VU meter to enable “Start Monitoring.”
.2) add a label or note (^b) to the track while recording.

I am recording two 24-hour tracks every week
Win 10, Audacity 3.3.3

There has been no change since you previously asked about this.

The current status is on GitHub, namely:

this is planned for much later (Audacity 4.x), closing for now

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