Question about key modulation with the "Change pitch" tool


So, I’m trying to change the key of a track from C minor to B minor. Now, when I have the number next to the original key (in this case, C minor) and the key I’m trying to change it to (In this case, B minor) both set to 0, it wants to change the pitch by 11.00 semitones which makes the audio sound extremely high pitched and distorted. (Photo one). But when have the number next to the original key set to 0 and the number next to the key I want to transpose it to set to -1 it only wants to only change it to -1.00 and the audio sounds much less distorted (Photo two)
So, my question, I guess, is: what do those numbers mean?

The number refers to the octave, for example C4 is “middle C” (

Going from C3 to C4 is an increase of one octave (higher), equivalent to 12 semitones.
Similarly, C2 to C3 is one octave, as is C4 to C5.

In standard notation, octaves are counted from C to C, thus D4 is 2 semitones above C4, and D3 is 10 semitones below C4.
There’s a handy guide here to how note names relate to frequencies: