Question about #include header files

I’m new to Microsoft Visual C++ and it’s been a while since I did any C++ programming. I get the following fatal error in Audacity source code (which I checked out 3 days ago).

1>d:audioaudicitysourcelib-srcfiledialogfiledialog.h(27) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘wx/defs.h’: No such file or directory

Obviously, this is an include directory problem. I kept backtracking through source and header files until I came to the following file:

// Name:        src/msw/filedlg.cpp
// Purpose:     wxFileDialog
// Author:      Julian Smart
// Modified by: Leland Lucius
// headers
// ------------
//… code snipped out here…
// For compilers that support precompilation, includes "wx.h".
/*#include "wx/wxprec.h"*/
#include <wx/wxprec.h>

Simply changing the quotes to angle brackets resolved the error. Again, it’s been a long time but as I recall a #include followed by a file specification and quotation marks does not search the include path while one in angle brackets does.