Question about fixing audio from a concert

Hey guys

I am very new to audacity and audio editing in general. I was at a concert last night, and my friend has a video recording of some of it off his phone. When we listened to it, all you can hear is bass, and it sounds very crackly. So, my question is if there is any way to edit this sound file to leave out that high bass (maybe there is decent audio underneath the bass, but not sure how that works!). Hopefully that explained the situation a little! Any help is greatly appreciated.

You explained it perfectly.

No. The bass line at concerts is far higher than everybody thinks it is and it overloads recorders all the time. Once the overload is recorded, the damage creates new sound that trashes everything else. You may be able to get rid of the BOOM BOOM BOOM of the show with Effect > Equalizer, but the crackling and popping is permanent.

Start here:

To really record this requires pro microphones and special filters and attenuators to get rid of the bass line ahead of time and at all costs prevent the recorder – or the microphone – from overloading.