Question about EQ

I’m not sure if this question has been asked; I don’t know how to succinctly sum it up to search for it.

I have recorded some music and am at the EQing and compressing stage. Audacity’s EQing setup has me confused. If I set the EQ levels a certain way for the first track, and then set the EQ levels a different way for a second track, when I want to see the EQ levels for the first track, I can only see the setting that I just made on the second track. I feel like I have to get the EQing right the first time.

How can I go back and mess with the EQ settings as they are on the track, without undoing all the actions that separate me from the original EQing action?

If I save each EQ setting for each track, can I bring them back up down the line and continue to adjust the levels from there?

If I have EQ’d, a track, and then do a bunch of other EQ stuff for other tracks, and then return to the first track, and the EQ settings are in a flat blank slate, and I then start to tinker with them, and apply them to the track, will it EQ that track from it’s original un-EQ’d state? or will it be some bizarre hybrid, since it had already been EQ’d, but has this new setting overlayed on it?

Thanks for any help. sorry if this is a confusing post.

You can save equalization states with names. It’s a little muzzy how to get there, but you can do that.