Question about controls in Autotalent plug-in

I’m playing with the “AutoTalent” (v0.2) pitch correction plug-in that works in Audacity but am unsure of what the “Tune” and “Glide” controls do. The effect of the rest of the settings is readily noticeable.

I hear a subtle difference when moving the “Glide” button and would like to know what it actually does: does it delay the effect of the other settings in milliseconds?

When moving the “Tune” setting from -1.00 semitone to +1.00 semitone, any change in the effect is too subtle for my ear; but maybe I am not listening closely enough.

Can anybody throw some light on what Glide and Tune actually do in this plug-in?

I don’t use Autotalent myself, but the “manual” for Autotalent is here:

Thanks for your kind response. The so-called manual seems aimed at people who don’t need a manual as little info is provided about the controls. I will try Graillon or GSnap.