Question about Connections?

in this set up it says record out? which output is that? and its talking about a spare line level input? i dont know what these are talking about and im completely new to this. can i not just connect input(uca202) to my tape outs and my tape ins to my output(uca202)… with my Behringer EURORACK UB802 mixer ?

if u can explain it as simply as possible i’d appreciate it…i’m learning as i go. thanks!

To use your setup with the addition of an external USB sound card (must have line level inputs and outputs);

  • Connect your existing equipment in the normal way (do not switch anything on yet)
  • Plug the USB sound card into the laptop USB port.
  • Connect the “Record out” from the mixing desk to the “Line in” of the sound card.
  • Connect the “Line out” of the sound card to a pair of spare line level (or instrument level, but not microphone level) inputs on the mixing desk.
  • Boot up the computer
  • Check in the Windows Control Panel (Sounds and Audio Devices) that the USB device is selected as the default record and playback device.
  • Open Audacity and check in Preferences (from the Edit menu) that “software playthrough” is switched off/ not selected. (Audio I/O tab)
  • In Audacity Preferences, select either the USB device, or “Microsoft Sound Mapper” as both the recording and the playback device. (test this out beforehand, either setting should work, but don’t leave it till the actual show to find out).
  • Switch on the rest of the equipment in the normal manner.
  • Play an MP3 file in your favourite media player (Foobar2000 recommended) and adjust the mixing desk inputs to suitable levels (the levels in your computer mixer will probably have no effect at all - that is normal).
  • Click on the recording level meter in Audacity and send a signal from the mixing desk to the USB sound card - you should see the recording level meters spring into life. Adjust the levels using the mixing desk as necessary - be sure to avoid overloading the sound card, keep it well below 0dB on Audacity’s meters.
  • Click “Record” on Audacity.
  • When your recording is finished, Click on the Stop button in Audacity, then Export the audio as a WAV file. Even if you want to do further processing or editing, you should Export as a WAV file at this stage so that you have a safe backup copy - do not overwrite this backup with later exports, use a different file name.

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The quote starts off “To use your setup…”
Was this a reply to one of your earlier posts? is this talking about your set-up?

If it is, could you give the link to the post - if not, please describe exactly what equipment (make and model) you have, what operating system, and what you want to do.