question about change timescale change to 432hz

i am trying to change pitch from 440hz to 432hz using the timescale . i am typing -1.818 in both boxes. everything goes fine but the cleaned file is only 3:57.008 in length and the original is 3:56.994. i would expect it to about 4 seconds longer. any one know what is happening and is the finished file at 432?

What is “timescale”? That is not the name of any standard Audacity feature.
Do you mean the “Sliding Timescale / Pitch Shift” effect?

Assuming that you mean, “Sliding Timescale / Pitch Shift” has 6 boxes. Which 2 do you mean?

What is the objective?
If you are assuming that the instruments in the recording are accurately tuned to A440, and you want to make it sound as if they were tuned to A432, then for the best sound quality, use the “Change Speed” effect ( and enter “-1.818” in the “Percent Change” box. The new length will be 4:1.382.

thanks, for your reply, attached is what i am doing. let me know if this is correct. thanks,
audacity sliding time scale-pitch shift.png

If you want the finished file to be of marginally slower tempo (longer) as well as lower pitched, use Change Speed as Steve said, entering -1.818 in the Percent Change for a new length of 4 mins 1.382 seconds.

If you want the same speed and length at the lower pitch, then your settings in Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift are correct.

You don’t say what version of Audacity and Windows you are using (please see the pink panel at the top of the page). If you are using an older version of Audacity, using Sliding Time Scale (or other effects) in a Chain might apply the last used effect settings rather than the parameters specified in the Chain.

The effect settings specified in the Chain should always work in the upcoming 2.1.2 release of Audacity.


thanks, i am using aucacity 2.1.0 and windows 7 home pro

so sounds like either way works. i have heard the slowing the speed gives a cleaner result. it is much faster. do you know which gives a better result as far as the overall sound quality?

It is a “simpler” resampling operation.

When you try to maintain the original tempo at the lower frequency, it is a more “complex” operation that has to “squash” the audio shorter than the length it should be.

You will have to ask your brain and heart that one. :wink:


good point, i like the slowing the speed results, just wondering your opinion. thanks for all your help!

I think that the “Change Speed” effect is the proper choice for such a tiny pitch shift.
It keeps the original balance between sustained notes and transitions.

thank you, feels good to have an expert opinion.

i have been using the change speed option and it has been working perfectly till now. now the length of the finished cleaned tracks are longer then the originals. they are about 2% longer instead of 2 % shorter. i tried checking the chain and everything looks good. see attached. i am using windows 7 pro and audacity 2.1.1

Longer is correct. (1.818% longer)

i am trying to go from 440hz to 432hz and i am using -1.818. this has been working for a few months now but now makes the tracks longer instead of shorter. see attached. thanks,
432 convert.png

Please see this post:

i dont understand

You have the choice to use Change Speed and accept the track becomes longer, or Change Pitch, which means the track stays more or less the same length.


ok, i see, supposed to be longer. sorry and thank you…