user on v2.11
the sound quality is not 100% when recording music. as there are so many settings to change can anyone advise how to set to factory default or any other method to get an average good sound on a recording. have tried bass/treble adjustments but no joy. everything is tinny esp treble/hi-hats and bass is clumpy. it all sounds like it’s recorded inside a wardrobe. am using Realtek onboard/built-in sound card with Win10 and recording sounds i hear using stereo mix facility.

user on v2.11

Really 2.11? 2.11 is a bogus version. The real version is 2.1.1.


One way to capture on-line sound is record Stereo Mix which sends the sound out to the analog soundcard and then brings it back. So the sound goes through all the analog conversions and corrections in the soundcard, both directions. Then there’s the processing that Windows insists on adding, like Windows Enhanced Services.

Enhanced Services hates music.





If you are really on Audacity “211” or “2.11” those are both bogus versions not made by us. Please see the pink panel at the top of the page.

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