Quality sample and rate format vs File Format

For recording (with studio condenser mics and a Mackie mixer) in order to burn the best possible quality CD, the default sample rate is set to 44100 Hz, and sample format at 32-bit float, whereas the default uncompressed export format is set to WAV (Microsoft 16 PCM) and not 32-bit float. Should both the sample format and the uncompressed export format be the same? What should they be? What are the trade-offs? Thanks. RWM

Recording at 32-bit is good - gives you better quality for editing work.

However, as you allude to, it is important that when you export to a CD you do this at 44.1kHz, 16-bit PCM, Stereo (this is the Red Book standard for CD’s). Otherwise your CD is extremely unlikely to play in any CD player.

So carry on workig in 32 bit - just export at 16-bit.

BTW if you are ever planning to export to DVD then you should work at 48kHz - DVD standard.