Q re Project Rate for transferring Vinyl and Cassettes

Using Audacity 2.2.2 and Windows 10. I watched a YouTube tutorial involving an obviously older version of Audacity with a Behringer UFO202 U-Phono analog to digital converter that said when selecting the recording input to click on the recording microphone and Properties and Advanced and change the default from 41100 hz Cd-quality (which it states is mono and not appropriate for a stereo album) to either 41100hz stereo or to the highest possible…for example, 48000hz. It later says to change the drop down Project Rate indicator in the bottom left of the screen to match at, for example, 48000hz. In Audacity 2.2.2 nothing happens when I click on the recording microphone. According to the video a menu should open up that offers Properties and then an Advanced tab. I know that 41100 CD quality is the highest quality that most amateurs like myself work with, but I would like to work with 48000 unless like 32-bit, it is overkill and not recommended for my purposes. Is changing the Project Rate in the box at bottom left all you need to do in 2,2,2, or do I need to make a similar change to the recording mircrophone, and if so, where do I go to make that change?

Standard DVDs use 48000 Hz (48 kHz) sample rate. If you are making DVDs, then 48 kHz is recommended. For just about all other use cases (including all audio CDs), use 44100 Hz (44.1 kHz).

There are a lot of YouTube videos that have dubious, or even completely wrong information / advice, so it’s best to treat such sources with a large pinch of salt.

On the other hand, the official Audacity documentation has been written by experts and checked for accuracy by many people - in rare cases where inaccuracies are reported, prompt action is taken to validate the information and make corrections if necessary. This section of the manual deals with copying tapes, and vinyl: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/tutorial_copying_tapes_lps_or_minidiscs_to_cd.html