Pyle PT659DU cassette deck will not record with Audacity

Let me preface this post by stating I’m very new to this software and have not attempted recording to my laptop before. I was given a Pyle PT-659DU cassette deck as a gift so that I could convert my cassettes to mp3 format. Per instructions from Pyle’s website, I downloaded Audacity. I have v2.2.2.

My machine:
Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Series 7746 (laptop)
Processor: Intel Core i7-5500U CPU @ 2.4 ghz
Ram: 16 GB
64 bit
Windows 10 pro

I have walked through the “Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks tutorial” and have everything set as defined in the tutorial.
I’m using the USB cable that came with the cassette deck and my laptop recognizes the cassette deck as ‘USB PnP Sound Device’.
My Device toolbar is set as follows:
Microphone is set to ‘USB PnP Sound Device’ 2 (Stereo) Recording Channels
Speakers (Realtek) (basically my default laptop speakers)

Project rate is set to 44100
Software Playthrough is set to ‘on’.

When I click the record button in the Transport Toolbar then the play button on the cassette deck, Audacity does not seem to be picking up any signal. The lines that would normally show the audio signal remain straight. I have been trying to get this to work for weeks now, searching the internet for hours and hours trying to find a solution. I have no idea if there is a problem with my Audacity settings, my machine, or if the cassette deck is faulty. I would appreciate any help anyone could provide before I just throw this deck in the trash.

A couple of other things to try -

I assume the cassette deck has a headphone output? Have you tried it? Or, do you have a stereo system you can plug-into? (i.e. If there is no analog signal you’re not going to get a digital signal.)

Have you tried testing your Audacity set-up by recording from your laptop’s built-in microphone? If it doesn’t work, that’s probably a clue.

Have you tried loading a WAV or MP3 file into Audacity to see if it plays. Again, if it doesn’t work that might be a clue.

Also, there is a setting in Windows for [u]Listen To this Device[/u]. (“Finding” that setting may be different in different versions of Windows.) If the Cassette deck and USB connection are working, you should hear the Cassette deck (through the computer speakers) without running Audacity.

I would appreciate any help anyone could provide before I just throw this deck in the trash.

I wouldn’t do that until you’ve proven the thing is bad… If the analog output from the tape deck works but the USB output is bad, you could get a USB interface with line-inputs (the Behringer UCA202 is popular and inexpensive). But, we don’t know if the problem lies with the computer configuration or the tape machine so a separate USB interface may have the same issues…

Thank you for your response. I appreciate the help.

The cassette deck does not have a headphone output but I bought this: UGREEN USB External Stereo Sound Card Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Aux and 2RCA Converter for Speaker off amazon which allowed me to use a headset and yes, I was able to hear the output. I also tried plugging the RCA cable into the adapter and then plugging into a USB port on laptop. Audacity still didn’t pick anything up from the tape deck. I have 4 USB ports and tried them all.

I have tried successfully recording from my laptop’s microphone as well as a headset with microphone. Both were recorded successfully.

I have not tried to load a WAV or MP3 into Audacity so may give that a try.

When I right click over the speaker icon, and select Sounds, I see the ‘listen to this device’ window. I have the cassette deck selected in the Recording tab but I get no sound from it through the laptop. I usually use a bluetooth speaker but tried to set my Playback to the default laptop speakers to avoid any conflict. Still no sound from the tape deck.

So…I get no sound from the tape deck through my laptop but do through headphones plugged into the deck itself (via an adapter). I already returned the adapter because I was ready to get rid of this tape deck. I’ll get the Behringer UCA202 and see if that makes any difference.

I appreciate any additional help.