PWM - PULSE WIDTH MODULATION - Script not working?

Hey folks, recently found this script on way back for pwm. I tried installing
into as a plugin but cant get it to load, function properly?

Does anyone have any ideas on why this wont load or run?

Full description and access to the script is provided, see below ;

"An Audacity plugin that generates a modulated pulse tone. Parameters:

MIDI key: [0 - 127, default 60]
Cents: [0 - 99 cents, default 0] - Detune amount
Duration: [1 - 30000 milliseconds, default 10000]
Mod Rate: [1 - 100, default 1] - number of modulation cycles
Mod Depth: [-100 - +100 percent, default 90]
Mod Wave: [0 = tri (default), 1 = up sawtooth, 2 = down sawtooth] - waveform of tone
Width: [0 - 100 percent, default 0] - fixed pulse width
Amplitude: [0 - 100 percent, default 100]

If the sum of the fixed width and the instantaneous modulation amount is outside the interval [0 - 99], the output goes either to full off or full on. "


It seems to work for me.
It’s a “Nyquist plug-in” and needs to be installed as described here:
Did you do that?
What’s the problem?

Thanks for the reply! Yes am aware of how to install nyquist, I did install this prior - I have installed
numerous other " .ny " files and they show up and work fine, I have the most recent audacity installed -
the only .ny file that wont show under effects and wont run is this one, no idea why - I thought maybe it might be because in the .ny script the version is set to 1, but it didnt matter if I changed this to 4…

It’s because it is a generator rather than an effect. When installed and enabled, it will appear in Audacity’s “Generate” menu.