PVC Pipe Microphone Vibration Mount

Just finished…



Nice - I like it :smiley:

In the UK on the R4 morning programme Today they recently had a running feature on things to do with the UK Post Offices red rubbber bands (that the posties discard in vast numbers and litter our streets).

No-one came up with anything as cute as a mic shock mount - like it :sunglasses:


A real life Macgyver :stuck_out_tongue:


I wouldn’t go that far. PVC pipe has been involved in do-it-yourself projects since the dawn of recorded history. See: pipe organ, towel holder, wine rack, etc.

No great Macgyver-like theatrical stretch there.


And yes, it occurred to me that if I bought all the parts new, I’d be right in the ballpark of a commercial shock mount. That will be our secret.


(shhh - our secret :wink: )

I’ve heard PVC pipe called “The yuppie duct tape.”

<<<I’ve heard PVC pipe called “The yuppie duct tape.”>>>

In Hollywood, it’s Gaffer’s Tape. Matte finish and black so it doesn’t show up on camera.