putting vocals onto karaoke tracks


I’m a complete newbie to using/recording with Audacity. i have a bunch of Karaoke tracks onto which i wanna put my vocals. Can someone help me out with how i can go about this using Audacity?
Many thanx.



Import your karaoke tracks into audacity. Preferebly as wav. files. Then you will be able to play the track and sing into a microphone and record your vocals. Then you mix the two tracks as you please and export the track to a wave file or mp3 so you can then burn a cd or put it on your mp3 player.
you shouldnt have too much trouble doing this if you follow the tutorials but if your struggling, then ask some more specific questions, ie ive plugged in my mic but dont get any sound, etc so we know exactly what your having trouble with. Also include what system your using ei windows and audacity V 1.2… and what your current set up is. the more info the easier it is to help

Good luck