putting multiple au files into one mp3

i recorded a song, it split into several au files. no project was created. so now i have a folder with the song’s name, and about 60 individual .au tracks. is there a simple way to take the tracks and make it one mp3 file.

See here: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/audacity_projects.html

that’s the problem…there is no aup file in the data folder…it seems that it was not saved as a project…not sure what happened, but the result is individual tracks inside of a data folder named for the song, but no aup file…so how do i proceed from there…

it did not get saved as a project…i just have the folder with the au files in it…one folder with song name and tracks…how do get them to be one mp3…no aup file…no project…

When a project is saved, the AUP file is not saved in the _data folder.
The .AUP file and the _data folder are saved in the same folder as each other, so for example, if you save an Audacity project in “My Document” and name the project “test”, then in “My Documents” there will be a file called “test.aup” and a folder called “test_data”. Unless you have both the .AUP file and the _data folder you don’t have a project. Neither the _data folder or the .AUP file are any use on their own, you must have both.