Punch-in Repair Move From Repair Track to Active Track

Obviously, I am a beginning Audacity user. Through many trials and tribulations I have gotten to the point where I can successfully make a substitute for mistakes in my narration. But I cannot figure out how to move the corrected copy into the appropriate slot in the active track. Could you help me? :confused:

I am using Windows 10 and Audacity version 3.0.5

My recommendation: Don’t.
Leave your corrections in a separate track. That will allow you to tweak them as necessary (for example, you might want to apply a fade-in / fade-out for a smooth transition, or you may want to use the Amplify effect to make the correction a bit louder or quieter).
You will certainly need to do something about that click at the start of the small audio clip at the bottom of the screenshot.

When you Export, all tracks are mixed into a single mono or stereo file.
Optional: You can mix down all tracks prior to exporting by selecting all the tracks (“Ctrl + A”), then “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render”.

If you intend to save the project as well as exporting the finished audio, it can be useful to save it with multiple tracks so that you can edit individual clips at a later date if you need to.