Punch-In Noise

Hi all. I’m new here on the forum. Whevenver I punch in it leaves an audible “pfffffttt” kind of sound - that i must manually highlight and delete when i edit. A friend told me this does not occur with other software program. When i have a lot of punch-ins, it makes the editing process very tedious. Is there a setting or way of punching in that would prevent this noise?

Thanks so much!

Are you sure you’re using Audacity for this? Audacity doesn’t have Punch-In. If you try, it starts a new timeline. Koz

If you mean that you are pasting in audio, please see this FAQ: http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/faq_editing.html#clicks .


Hi there. Thanks for your replies.

In Audacity, if you make a mistake but don’t want to start a separate track for the fix - instead of clicking the “record” button - or hitting the “R” key - you can highlight and cut/delete the problem spot and then simply press SHIFT and R together and the recording will resume at the spot where you made the cut - on the same track. I don’t know if that, technically, would be called a “punch-in.” Maybe I’m using the wrong terminology. But it’s a great way to avoid having, say, 10 different tracks for what should be 1 track of “dialogue” or reading. The problem is - I’m getting the noise of re-starting the recording and have to go back and edit them out - which is very time consuming. It would be better, of course, if I made fewer mistakes - but I’m doing fast-paced news stories - at, like, 5 and 6 in the morning - so my brain is a little slow and I make some flubs.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again.

In general we consider “Punch In” when you select anywhere on an existing show or timeline or even during playback and press record. That’s it. The recorder will start immediately to cover up and destroy everything to the right of your Punch-In point. Analog recorders did this and transplanted operators with slate-coloured hair are stunned that they can’t do this in Audacity. It’s a very frequently requested feature.

You are just performing a normal Append Record which comes with the extra steps you listed. Append Record always works at the end of the existing show, not in the middle.

No, it’s not normal for Audacity to make noise when you do that. Can you perform a noisy Append, select around the bad point, export it as WAV and post it here?



Are you recording with Transport > Overdub on (checked)? If so and you don’t need it, does turning it off stop the noise?