Punch and Roll Script Broken with New Release?

Steven Jay Cohen kindly wrote an AppleScript that helps with performing a punch and roll inside of Audacity. This is the link to his site’s info and script:


I was using this script in an earlier version of Audacity. I think that since updating to v2.2.1 this has broken? It all operates as expected, but it doesn’t actually activate the “record” function at the end of the script where the reader would insert the audio replacement. The script just plays to the end of the cut, and stops. Record doesn’t activate.
I’m wondering if any other audiobook performers have by any chance run into this, or maybe I goofed something up in Audacity’s prefs or something.
I’m using Audacity 2.2.1 and MacOS 10.13.2

(BTW, if anyone has any covert intelligence on a possible native Punch and Roll feature coming up for Audacity, that would be some cool news!)