Punch and Roll plays other tracks from wrong place

I’m having a similar problem with Punch and Roll not working properly on 3.1.3. I hit Shift D the pre-roll works on the track I’m recording to, but no pre-roll on the other tracks, they all just start playing from where the insertion point is. I didn’t have this issue before 3.1.3.
Any solutions for this?

I’ve split your post from the other topic and given the thread a new title as it is a different issue.

I don’t generally use Punch and Roll, but I see you are correct. It’s a bug.

I’ll check to see if it’s already logged, and if not I’ll report it to the developers for fixing.

I should have remembered this :blush:
It was logged back in November: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/2162
The bug has been given a high priority rating (“P2”), but it’s not yet been fixed.

Steve, Thanks so much for your quick reply and your creating a new thread. I look forward to a fix to this one! It’s causing me to have to play each take perfectly from beginning to end…aargh! I’m working on creating a work-around by recording on a new track and then merging the two tracks…or just practicing more!

That’s what I do. It does take a bit more time, but with careful editing I find that it gives better results.

Hi folks, since it’s been about three weeks since I first posted, I’m wondering if there’s any word on a fix for this issue. Since until now Audacity has been good for everything I need, I dread having to switch to Reaper or ProTools. I already checked out Abelton Live, but it’s not as geared toward live instruments and editing audio files as Audacity was. Thanks

Not much news yet. You can follow the issue here: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/2162

You could always go back to an older version of Audacity until there’s a fix. Older versions are available on FossHub: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html

Thank you again, Steve for your continued help. Good idea, I will pursue an older version.

For what it’s worth, I’m still using Audacity 2.4.2 for production work. I don’t find Audacity 3.x to be sufficiently stable / reliable on Linux yet - hopefully that will change.

Thank you Steve…I will go back to 2.4.2 and give it a try.

Thanks. I’ve been having the same issue.
Apparently the bug was fixed in DavidBailes’s branch and a commit was merged into audacity:master yesterday.
What does that mean? Idk. Guessing it’s fixed in alpha now?
So it should be working properly in next release, whenever that is?
So also if anyone having the issue can manage to compile, they could get it working right now, no?
Thanks everyone for the help.

Yes, it is believed to be fixed in the current alpha version.

The most recent estimate that I heard for the release date was “September”, though personally I’ll be surprised if Audacity 3.2.0 will be release ready as soon as that.

Yes, but I would not recommend using the current alpha version for production work. There is a lot of “work in progress” (things that don’t yet work properly).