Punch and Roll Issue

I’m currently using Version 3.1.2. I have taken the latency test and have successfully aligned the rhythm track to the actual click track fed through a microphone using an audio interface connected to a PC (Windows 11). I am recording my voice track on track 2 using a pre-recorded orchestral track playing back on track 1. To save time, I use the punch and roll feature (Shift D). Section A in Track 2 is fine, but I want to overdub vocal errors in Section B of Track 2. My cursor is lined up at Point B. I click Shift D. The cursor goes back about 5 seconds before, but the sound is playing from Point B onwards instead of playing back 5 seconds before Point B. What am I missing?

This is a known issue which has (I believe) been fixed for the next release.


The next release meaning Version 3.1.3? It can’t come too soon. Thanks for taking time to respond.

Note that prior versions of Audacity are available here: https://www.fosshub.com/Audacity-old.html

This issue is still open: