punch and roll hangs

Using audacity 2.3.2 on mojave 10.14.5 on macbookair with 4gb ram
Punch and roll will work once or twice, but then it usually hangs/beachball, so I have to force quit and lose everything I’ve recorded. I’ve cleared the cache, cleaned up the hard drive, and I think have twice the RAM I need. I haven’t found anyone else encountering this. Have you?

From an earlier post on this forum regarding hang/freeze when stopping recording, I used this info:

On a Mac, the problem “may” be due to the audio buffer settings.
If you open Audacity’s preferences and look in the “Devices” section, there’s a setting for “Buffer length”. The default is 100 milliseconds.
Try decreasing that, 10 milliseconds at a time, and test for 90, 80, 70 …
If the problem gets worse, try increasing it 10 ms at a time: 110, 120, 130 …
Hopefully you will find a sweet spot where it is reliably stable.

Maybe my issue isn’t the shift+D (punch and roll), but the stopping-recording-piece of the process. I’d had to alter (lower significantly) the buffer setting previously for another issue–I’m hoping that that previous issue (might have been dropout) doesn’t come back. Tests are looking good so far. The operative term here is “sweet spot”!