Punch and Roll Error Message

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to get the punch and roll recording feature to work. I’ve looked at the page for it and followed along to do everything correctly.

When I go to a place to re-record/punch in, I get this error message every time: Unanticipated Host Error. When I click OK to clear the error, it says: Error opening recording device. Error code: 0 Success.

Any ideas?

Do you have “Play other tracks while recording (overdub)” and “Software playthough of input” BOTH selected? See: Recording Preferences

Do you get the same error when you try straight overdubbing? See: Tutorial - Multi-track Overdubbing

Hey, thanks for the reply. I had neither of those clicked. When I click them both, I am completely unable to record. When I just have the overdub selection clicked, I can record but still am unable to punch and roll.

I am also getting the same error when trying overdubbing.

OK; I think you would want overdub checked, but NOT both.

Do you get the error when just playing the audio?

If YES, then we need to trouble-shoot your playback device. See: Device Toolbar

If NO, then the error only happens when you are trying to record and play simultaneously, so let’s try to find some conflict here. Try switching between MME and WASAPI. Check the sample rates. Audacity’s is in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. The Windows sample rate for your device is found by typing “mmsys.cpl” in the Windows search bar, then “Playback tab” > “your device goes here” > Properties > Advanced > Default Rate. Repeat for the “Recording tab”. All three of these sample rates should be the same. Usually, this will be 44100 or 48000 (Hz).

I don’t get the error when just playing the audio. :slight_smile:

SO, I went ahead and went into my Windows settings and you were correct, it was on 48000 hz. I fixed it for both playback and recording. Now audacity and windows are all at 41000 hz. It still was not working, so I tried switching between MME, Windows DirectSound and WASAPI. When recording with either, the recording is fine. Though, trying to punch and roll in all 3 produces different results.

MME: go to punch point, click shift D, it deletes everything after, but does not initiate the 2 second preview/record function of punch and roll.
Windows DirectSound: Go to punch point, click shift D, Original error of Unanticipated Host Error, Error opening recording device. Error code: 0 Success. It does delete everything after punch point.
WASAPI: go to punch point, click shift D, it immediately gives error opening recording device, error code -9997 Invalid sample rate. without deleting everything after the punch point.

I appreciate your help. Any other possible solutions?

Have you tried rebooting? Also, stay off of Skype, etc. for a bit.

I did try rebooting… would steam/discord interfere? I don’t really skype, but I do very rarely zoom.

Okay, well, I just retried it and it WORKS now so I don’t know what fixed it but thank you soooooo much for your help!

Glad to hear you are up and running. :smiley:

I may have spoken too soon. It worked once. I double checked all the settings. It seems when I make sure everything is running on 41000hz, the playback tab constantly reverts back to 48000hz, even though I hit apply and OK. :frowning:

And you have tried setting everything back to 48000 and rebooting?

I’m trying to keep everything at 41000hz. And yes, I’ve tried rebooting but it keeps reverting back to 48000hz. :frowning:

Thanks, let me know if you have any ideas.

What is “it” that keeps reverting back?
If you are referring to Audacity, the default sample rate is set in “Edit menu > Preferences > Quality”.

Sorry for not being clear. It seems when I make sure everything is running on 41000hz, the playback tab constantly reverts back to 48000hz, even though I hit apply and OK. I then reboot. I check the playback tab again to ensure that it’s at 41000hz and it is. I open audacity, begin recording, then try to punch and roll. Still get the original error. When I go back into the playback tab, sure enough, the speaker has reverted to 48000hz.

Any ideas? Thanks again for your time!

Can you post a screenshot of your project?

Sure! I just did a quick record, and tried punching in after 5 seconds.
Audacity Error.PNG

Thanks for the screenshot.

From what you’ve said, it looks as though your 2- M-Audio AIR 192 4 really really wants to run at 48000Hz (or higher). Why fight it? I would set Audacity to 48000, the input and output speeds to 48000 and resample any tracks you are using to 48000 (after backing them up).

Well, I could do that. I just don’t know how to convert something from 48000hz to 41000hz, which is what my project needs to be. Is there a way to do that without losing quality?

Tracks > Resample

Also note that when you export, your tracks are automatically resampled at the project rate in the lower left-hand corner of Audacity’s windows. See this post: Sample Rate question - #5 by jademan