Punch and roll error message "Please record in a mono track"

It was working fine, then at some point stopped and I can’t understand why. When I try to play back/record I get the message: “Please select in a mono track”

I’m pretty sure I’m recording in a mono track…

any help greatly appreciated!

I’m sure you are… Make sure that the splice point is within that mono track and not in clear space elsewhere on the screen: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/punch_and_roll_record.html#example

Thanks so much! That’s really helpful. So now I’ve narrowed down my issue. What I want to do is have the playback automatically play from 5 seconds before where I stop it, without needing two designate a specific point. Any idea how I might do that?

You seem to be quite right. I don’t use Punch and Roll myself, so I would have to ask @steve or @waxcylinder for their inputs.

In the meantime, I created a macro with 3 lines:


Then in Edit > Preferences > Keyboard > Name, and selected the line with my macro under Apply Macro - “punchRoll”, which is what I called it. Then clicked in that little white rectangle of the bottom of the screen, and pressed Shift-A, then Set.

This seems to do the trick for me. I welcome input from others.

This worked great for me. Thanks so much for the help!!

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