pulsed recording effect

hi all,
just starting with audacity but have hit a problem straight away…
Any recording I make through the microphone records in strange pulses, rather like the volume is pulsing up and down…
im using the pc’s own microphone and standard soundcard as a starting point…
I have not changed any settings from standard…
i attached an mp3 of a sample recording below, steady tone, but pulsed recording
any ideas?

any help much appreciated!!

Check that all Windows Sound “Enhancements” are disabled (see: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/faq_recording_troubleshooting.html#enhancements)

i forgot to add that if i record a test using the windows voice recorder, the recording comes out normally!


What is that a recording of?

Could you post a short sample of speech (just counting up to 10 would be OK).

Is your computer a laptop?
Do you have headphones plugged into your computer?

Hi, thanks for the reply,
It’s a recording of me whistling a steady tone, I’ll record the speech and a steady keyboard tone…
It’s a laptop computer…
I previously had music maker installed, that recorded ok from the microphone ( lots of other issues which is why I’m trying audacity which seems much easier to use)