pulsating buzzing caused by half in microphone

I am working on a simple video project for a friend’s small company and the microphone got pulled slightly out right as we started the interview. That resulted in some loud pulsating buzzing. I am a novice on audio pieces and can not figure out how to remove it. I figured you all might know better!

I tried default settings in audacity but don’t have the know-how or other software to fix this.

Any possibility the audio can be saved? Even if the buzz is still there some in the background I can perhaps hide it a bit with whatever background music is going to be playing.

Hey thanks for at least reading this. It’s a pain to try and do a favor for a friend and then have it messed up.

You need to post a segment like this one but one that has the pulsing noise by itself. Where the speaker takes a breath for a second, but the gasp can’t be audible. Noise Reduction needs that. I think we can help, but the buzz may not go totally away. Koz

That doesn’t appear like normal sound interference. I don’t think the mic got pushed over. I think you had very serious electrical interference during the shoot.

It showed up in the headphones you were wearing during the performance, right?

Will you be wearing headphones next time?

“I can’t get clean sound, guys. We’ll need to move to another location.”

A video with bad sound is a rehearsal.