Pulling soundbites from external Blu Ray player [SOLVED]

I have a MacBook Pro with Retina running 10.10.3 - I’ve used Audacity many times to pull soundbites from video or audio online for my podcast, but the particular scene of a film I’m trying to discuss on the show isn’t on YouTube (or other various channels) I recently purchased an external Blu Ray/DVD player, mounted the software to allow watching films, but I can’t seem to get Audacity to recognize the audio coming from the player.
What am I missing?
I currently have my usual preferences in place: Soundflower 2ch set to Built-In Output; System Prefs set to Output Soundflower 2ch, Input Built-In; Audacity to Playback Device: Built-In Output, Recording Device Soundflower 2ch

I do have LineIn but have no idea if this applies.

Any help would be most appreciated!!!

You got a bunch of things going against you. Apple doesn’t support Blu Ray technology, I think that’s still true. One of Blu Ray’s crowning features is stiff copy protection, and the latest interconnect technology from Apple also supports stiff copy protection.

mounted the software to allow watching films

Did it work? Can you watch and listen to Blu Ray films on your MBP? You whizzed right over that.


Slow down, back up.
I’m aware Apple doesn’t support Blu Ray technology, hence the external drive. I bought an external Blu Ray/DVD player, mounted some freeware (“Free Mac Blu-Ray Player” - no points for creative naming to be sure, but it works) and yes, I’m watching a Blu-Ray right now. Just one, No Country For Old Men… looks pretty great, sounds great. All the great things…) I just can’t pull audio from it.
Re: copy protection, my hope was that regardless of the source, Audacity would be able to hear and record just as it does from the internet, where I’m able to pull audio all the time.

How do you have the two connected?
Apparently not by the analog Stereo Line-In.

It’s a self-contained USB 3.0, this is the actual item: http://amzn.to/1EwzfuK

It works, I’m watching a movie now, just want to find a way to redirect the audio toward something I can record snippets from.

Oh, right. I had one of those. The convenience, style and size come at a price. There isn’t enough room for a clam-shell mechanical closure, so they use an adhesive to hold the disk in place. The adhesive wears out. I’m using a much larger stand-alone player/recorder now with its own power supply. LaCie. Probably not made any more.

Anyway, I think you’re missing a SoundFlower step. That’s how I do it.

Apple > System Preferences > Sound > Output: Soundflower (2ch).
Apple > System Preferences > Sound > Input: Soundflower (2ch). Run the volume all the way up.

Tell Audacity to get its sound from SoundFlower, but to play back to Built-In Output so you can hear what you’re doing.

Audacity > Preferences > Recording: [X] Playthrough (select)
Audacity > Preferences > Devices: Built-In Output

I switch back and forth between recording and not by switching System Preferences > Output between SoundFlower and Built-In Output.


I think you nailed it - didn’t have my system prefs set to Soundflower on both input and output, also I went ahead and checked both Playthrough options under sub heading Recording (as well as overdub) on Audacity

Thanks you so much! Suhweeeeet.