Im not sure where to post this question.
i have mosr recent audacity on windows 8.

my real question: in a location is a very bizzare occurance. strange signal/ several people have complained of hearing whispering voices/ men talking on walky talkies. while others in the room cant hear. its happenes across unrelated groups. also in this area a hearing aid has ceased to work…the company advised strong electronic signals can do this.

people have experienced severe tinnitus and ears pulsing.

ive captured many clips of ambient noise. audacity measures these from basically 0 to 20000… predominant in both the 0-50hz and 15000+ hz spectrumm.

Attached is 1 effort at making audible. i can hear something. like fast talkung.
Any advice?

It sounds like high voice compression, MP3 damage (same thing) or bad noise removal. Now we should listen to it before you tried to fix it. I’m guessing we’re listening to your fix distortion, not the voices.


I will upload an untouched example… but youll hear little its virtually silent

Another odd one… id really appreciate some help retrieving the voice aspect out of these… or pointing me in the right direction of how to go about doing so. id love ro figure out what im capturing

I can hear it fine, although I would have sent WAV files instead of QuickTime 3GP Video Files. We can’t easily analyze those.

like fast talkung.

It’s not fast talking. I think it’s multiple people or voices. I think the company is right. You are in a high intensity communications radio field. It’s not hard to get that by accident, although I’ve never heard of being able to actually discern voices. If I put my cellphone too close to the sound system I can clearly hear when it now and again connects to the tower for “keep-alive” and location negotiations.

Is that ticking I hear somebody typing on a keyboard? The noise stops occasionally and a couple of more clicks and it starts up again.

You may be listening to the WIFI or BlueTooth system on the laptop. Both are radio systems and can get into a microphone. Can you turn the WIFI and BlueTooth off just as a test?

This is where we get you to tell us everything possible about the recording environment. Which microphone, model numbers, what laptop, Operating System, etc. etc?


The tapping would be that i used various methods to record and at times used a computer. however much of my recording has been done with no wifi on by a handheld zoom (files are large). Im in agreement after listening more i do think its cross channeled voices. i very much believe this is some sort if fm or rf disturbance but cant place the origin as even tried shutting off powet. thus is a home. sounds strongest in bathroom due to acoustics. not near anything i can think of that should be causing this…but im sure there us an explanation. Is there a way to filter one voice out kf the many? Or make it at all audible?

To further answer questions…ive recorded with a regular samsung lg cell…which is where 1 or 2 of those recordings are from and also a.basic hp windows laptop running wundows 8/no special speakers or sound featurwa/ with no special mic. just his rwcord on audacity or other sound recorder. i have a zoom 5 but have not upladed those files due to sizE.

I have one of those. I have a constant hum in everything I shoot, due, I think, to the high tension power lines over the house. Doesn’t matter which microphone or how I do it, there is classic 60/120/240 buzz in everything. I used to think I had broken microphones, but I don’t think that any more.

I can minimize it by listening to the microphone live and adjusting height, tilt and direction of my mic stand with the headphone volume turned up. That’s how I shot my ACX sound test clip. I still had to take a little hum out with filters, but it eventually worked.

I don’t know of any good way to fix your problem even if you do find what’s causing it. Because of the warbling nature of the sound, post-production Noise Removal is not going to be very helpful. Sometimes the solution is not record at home. We don’t solve everybody’s problem.

If you have a Zoom (so do I) you can put your headphones into the side, monitor live and wander around. I’m betting you get half-way to the Tesco/7-Eleven before it calms down. You might even get the problem really bad and find the cellphone or communications tower. They’re getting good at hiding them. No, that’s not a Mexican Fan Palm on Manchester and Lincoln. That’s a Verizon tower.