Properly recording high resolution streams

Sorry if covered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find. Windows 10. If I want to capture a high resolution stream (192k/ Neil Young’s archive site), are these settings correct?:
Windows WASAPI
Speakers (loopback)
Project Rate: 192000

Am I capturing the digital signal from the site, or am I Merely recording the analogue output of my laptop’s DAC of the stream, at 192k?
Hope that makes some sense. Thanks for looking!

WASAPI loopback is digital. But Windows will sometimes resample and you don’t usually know what it’s doing. I’m pretty sure you can record a 44.1kHz stream into a 192kHz file. In general, you don’t even know the original sample rate. Frequently, you don’t even know the format (usually some kind of lossy compression).

Sometimes you can get software to download the work as a file transfer rather than a stream. Lots of stream ambiguities and background “tricks” go away when you do that. There’s at least one package that allows you to do that with YouTube.