Projects, tracks & songs

I am using Audacity 2.1.0 obrained via the .exe installer, on Windows 8.1.

I am a newbee user and have a very basic question I thought would be answered via the Manual, the FAQ or an internet search, but wasn’t.

I ultimately want to ‘Export Multiple’ tracks, each with one song, from a single Project, for purposes of ultimately compiling and burning to a CD. I’ve read where I could add or copy/paste songs to individual tracks in a single Project for this purpose. But my question is, "Can I create a single, new Project, and then record one guitar piece in each track and then Export Multiple to create separate files for eventual burning to a CD? Or must I record each guitar piece in it’s own separate Project?
I know this is a very basic question I should probably know, but I don’t! Thanks for any help.

Audacity uses Labels for File > Export Multiple.

So, if you put a label at the beginning of a single concert and one half-way through. Export Multiple will produce two sound files. Labels use beginnings, so the second label is really the beginning of the second clip.

So place up to 99 labels and Audacity will create 99 sound files. Audio CD limit is 99.

Audio CD Authoring and Burning programs allow you to scramble the order of music before you burn. When the files are in the computer, they’re going to conform to computer order…and you pretty much can’t stop them.


If you have a reason to have multiple Audacity tracks on top of each other you can set Export Multiple to split files based on tracks instead of labels. Don’t add labels if you export multiple by tracks because that confuses current Audacity.