Ik would be great to be able to record projectnotes in Audacity.
Projectnotes per:

  • Project
  • Track
  • Clip
  • future entities

Using markers, or textfiles is a workaround and not as professional as embedded projectnotes.

Most of the professional studios that I’ve been in use a pen and (paper) notepad. :astonished:

High time to stop that old-school behaviour and get a head start on the competition :laughing:
Since the (now obsolete) aup-file is in fact a well-structured XML-file, it should be easy to realize such an addition without any risk

I’ve never had a (paper) notebook crash and lose data. The worst that has ever happened to me was dropping it in a puddle :smiley: (2 days to dry it out).

The “paperless office” was only ever a marketing slogan :wink: The IRS does not accept “sorry, I don’t have any records because my computer crashed”, and neither do paying customers - that’s why professional studios still keep notes with pen and paper.

Of course, project studios may still like to keep notes electronically, (I frequently have a text editor open while working so that I can write notes for myself), but there is certainly nothing “unprofessional” about pen and paper.

I agree with AWrog,

Notes would be a great feature addition … Especially track notes.

Paper and pen or text files are not good workarounds.

For short notes you can use “Labels”: