Project won't open

Hi, it’s me your frazzled mac user again. So I used the Catalina workaround through the terminal to record in Audacity and it worked perfectly. I saved an closed the project, and again, no problem. But now I’m trying to open the project so I can edit it, and it will not open. I tried just clicking the icon on my desktop, nothing. I tried opening a new project and then going to open recent and selecting the project I want to edit, and I got a popup that said “Error opening file could not open file name of my file”. I tried to open a different old project, and the same thing happened. Is there a workaround for this that I don’t know about? I’m so frustrated and confused. Audacity was so easy before Catalina.

Part of recommended production hygiene is to File > Export a perfect quality WAV sound file in addition to saving the Project. That’s the backup of the live performance if Something Goes Wrong.

Did you use dates in the names? That can cause problems later when you want to edit. No slashmarks in filenames.

Where did you save the Projects? I save everything to my desktop and then shuffle files as needed. That saves a lot of confusion later wondering where my work went.

Can you find both parts of all the projects? They’re all going to be one file and a similarly-named folder.

What did you call the showname?


Audacity was so easy before Catalina.

My Apple Projection says nobody is working on Macs any more, so support for 32-bit apps vanished because nobody has time to deal with it. Any work that didn’t come from the Apple Store is forbidden. That’s the safest way with no troublesome decision trees and time consuming crazy options.

If you walk into an Apple store right now and ask about Macs, the helpful associate will give you a glazed look: “Oh, you’re one of those…”

I was at a restaurant at closing time (I do part time work there), and I saw one of the top-tier helpers in a booth doing corporate system administration…on his phone. I offered to get him drunk when he got done. He didn’t take me up on it, but I could see desire in his eyes.