project window is a thin white horizontal strip [SOLVED]

everything was going along great and i exported my file to mp3 but when i went back to a previous file that i had been working on, I can’t work on it now as it is just a very thin white project window… no title, nothing to grab onto. The audacity menu is still fine at the top of the screen, but i can’t start a new file… well, i can, but I can’t see it. After this problem occurred i downloaded version 2.1.1 but that does not fix it. I am on a mac powerbook running 10.8.5
This has got to be something simple but it sure is frustrating. thanks.

Try Window > Zoom in the Audacity menu bar.

If that does not help, quit Audacity, then in Finder, use Go > Go to Folder and type:

~/Library/Application Support/audacity/

In that “audacity” folder, delete the “audacity.cfg” file. You may need to use Window > Zoom again.


that was it!!! The zoom thing!
thanks so much. I love forums like this!!