Project & Track Notes/History

With the trial an error nature of audio editing I’d prefer to save the session actions that have not been undone. But a macro recorder would be better than nothing. It’s sort of already recording via the undo history. Just needs to be saved in some macro usable way.

Don’t see a macro recorder in Audacity. Did I miss it?

No, we’ve not got one. There’s a lot of new stuff for macros in the current 2.3.0 version, but no macro recorder as yet.
There is a feature request that you may want to support:

Create macro by recording a sequence of actions > (2 votes 23Jul17) Example: The record macro feature in CoolEdit Pro.
This could be implemented by recording key strokes, possibly with an option to also record mouse events.

What about maybe being able to load a macro as a track that changes can be made to it via GUI (sort of like is done with label tracks), and can be executed. Would provide a nice visual of what is being done.

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