Project Specific Macros

How about the ability to create project specific macros that are stored/loaded with project (/Macros/MacroName.txt)?

Global macros should be project agnostic.
Project specific macros stored and loaded globally are in the way.

What would be the benefit of Project Specific Macros over “user specific” macros that we have now?

  1. They would follow the project. Regardless of who is working on it.
  2. Since they are not global in nature (don’t have relevance to other projects) they won’t be loaded and clutter the macro space of other projects.

For instance a macro that imports the source, creates labels (track names), edits out unwanted material, applies effects, and exports the labels as individual files (wav, mp3, flac, etc.).

Such a macro would not be relevant to other projects. Even if other projects do similar things. The label names, edits, effect, timing, etc. would not be the same.

Not necessarily.
What if you send the project to someone and the macro uses an effect that is not installed on their computer?

How many macros do you use?

I’m unclear of the benefits of macros that are specific to ONE project. Isn’t it just as quick (or quicker) to apply the commands manually rather than create a macro and then apply the macro? What’s your “use case” that makes the macro approach better for single project macros?

Tell them the effect is missing and they need to install it???

Use case. Macros to automate applying labels and edits. The macro can be rerun easily to make changes. Otherwise it is a huge effort to redo all the edits manually when making changes.

Well, I definitely think it would be nice for macros to have more error checking available rather than just silently ignoring errors, and hopefully that will come as this new feature matures. There are however a number of related problems -

  • What if the macro includes a command to run an effect using a specific preset, and the person running the macro does not have that preset installed in the effect? (Example: Equalization takes a preset name as a parameter)

  • What if they have the right effect, but a different and incompatible version of the effect?

  • What if the macro uses another macro?

I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it is certainly not straightforward.

Sorry, I don’t understand. The way that is written it sounds like you should just send them a copy of the project with the labels and edits already applied.
Can you give a specific example?

Use case is about being able to easily make edit changes. Say there are a 20 edits in the project and the 5th edit is a fade that needs to be changed (shorted/lengthened/moved/removed).

  1. Figure out what the change is going to be (manual trial and error process).
  2. Make the change to the 5th edit of macro.
  3. Run the macro.

In essence the macro is a workaround for an edit track that can be altered then re-rendered. A side benefit is that only the original audio and the project macro(s) need to be kept for archival purposes.

That is much easier and reproducible than going through remaking all 20 edits manually. Which would probably be impossible unless there is documentation of all the edits.