"Project Recovered" but nothing is opened, despite following same save-and-exit steps as previously

I have been working slowly on a project for weeks. I have always saved and exited out of my projects with no issues. However, today I went to open my project and I received a message saying “Project Recovered”, but there is nothing there (see attached screenshot). I know there have been previously saved files as I have accessed them before, but I can’t for the life of me get this to work now. Please help in recovering at least a version of this project so I don’t have to start from zero.

Do you always just simply “Save Project” or do you at least sometimes “Save As Project”…?? and save it to another name as a backup. OR have you ever exported it as a WAV file etc.
If you have ever done a “Save As” and saved it to another name it should still be there. You should see it in Recent files. OR where ever you Saved it to.
“”“” I know there have been previously saved files as I have accessed them before “”“” were these alway just the same project name or had they different names each time you saved them.

I dont know this screen shot, never seen it before… someone else will have to comment… but what happened when you clicked OK…?

Or better still use File > Save Project > Backup Project

The advantage of using this is that it leaves your original project open under its original project name (unlike Save As which switches to the new project name).

This will sadly not now help with your current dilemma, but making such periodic backups at key project stages is something you should consider with future projects.


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