Project Rate HELP!!

I removed the project rate on the bottom left corner and want to get it back… All I see now is the word “stopped”. What do i need to do for project rate to return and after that I need to fix latency…I haven’t saved any songs yet. i am willing to reinstall the program which i have done and still have the same problem. I was thinking to wipe all audacity files/programs from my laptop but wanted to reach out first

If you are using the current 2.3.2 version of Audacity, just click on the “v” on the right hand side of the “Project Rate” box and select the rate that you want from the dropdown list. By default the Project Rate is 44100 (CD quality).

Still didn’t fix the problem by pressing “v” and i have the lastest version 3.2.2. what would the community suggest i do now?

If you’re not seeing “Project Rate” at all try View → Toolbars-> Reset Toolbars

Please post a screenshot so we can see what the problem is that you are describing.