Project on Ableton Live with Audacity

Hello guys, i’m creating a project on Ableton Live, a software for syncing musical devices.
(I’m Italian so forgive me for my bad english).
I’m just working for a Dubstep song witch one i need to separate each strument, and momently i had earned many musical part like: voices, violin, synths, etc.
but i don’t know how can i extract the drums/percussions track from this piece.

Can you help me?

This is the Audacity Forum. We can’t help you with Ableton.

Separating parts in a recording where the parts are mixed together can’t be done with surgical precision. It often can’t be done at all.

Drums and percussion are sometimes mixed in the centre, in which case you can use the Vocal Remover effect in Audacity: Tutorial - Vocal Removal and Isolation - Audacity Manual .


Yes, aniway ableton isn’t requested for help, i asked just a help in audacity, anyway thanks for watching and for answered my question