Project might be corrupted

So hello guys ;D

I got a bit of a problem here, I was recording a set using Audacity.
I remember to save it correctly and turn off the laptop that was running the Audacity, now when I’m trying to open the project it’s just said that the project might be corrupted.

There is a data folder which contains e00 and then e00 contains d00, d01, d02, d03.

D00 contains around 248 files ending .au which can every single one imported to Audacity and play sound.
D01 and D02 have 256 files, D03 have only 194 files.

Whole data folder weights around one gig, it’s a short set, around an hour id say.

Any idea how to fix it ?

Please, see the pink panel at the top of the page and give us that information. Are you still on Xubuntu? Or actually on Windows?

Please attach a) the AUP file and b) the log from Help > Show Log… . Please see here for how to attach files:

Did you edit this recording? If not, I would expect “d00” to have 256 AU files.


The computer I use for recording the set is running Xubuntu, Audacity is running version 2.0.6-alpha.

I haven’t edit the recording at all. Actually I cannot upload the aup file, forum says that the uploaded file is empty…
Haven’t notice that before.
log.txt (345 Bytes)

Where did you get that 2.0.6-alpha from? It’s dated August 1 2014, not at all close to the date of 2.0.6 release, so could be highly unstable. You should not use alpha builds unless you have a reason to and you know exactly what you are doing.

Please, if you want a more recent version of Audacity than Xubuntu provides, I suggest you try the “Ubuntu Handbook” PPA from which is a stable version. Get the version that corresponds to your version of Xubuntu.

If the AUP is empty, Audacity cannot use it. Did you completely wait for the project save dialogue to close before turning off the laptop?

Given the AUP is empty, you will have to try the procedures on Recovering crashes manually.