Project is open in another window

In the process of editing a project, such as deleting extraneous noises etc, when clicking on 'delete 'the project disappears, and then, if I try to get it back by clicking on it in ‘recent files’ the message says the project is open in another window. I cannot find it. I wonder if I click on delete more than once and this causes the problem. Any idea where the project is now would be appreciated. This scenario has happened twice.

What do you mean “the project disappears”? Do you mean that everything in the Audacity window is deleted, or do you mean that the entire Audacity window disappears?

I have windows 7 and use audacity 2.0.5
I have been deleting various odd noises from a project but twice now I have clicked on’ delete’ and the whole project has disappeared not just the highlighted section. When returning to the project from ‘recent projects’ the messages states that the project is open in another window. Help!

Audacity itself stays open but the screen is as if I have not started to make a project ie the 2 stereo channels are blank.

If you used the Cut button only click it once.

Edit > Undo straight away if you make a mistake.


As your two topics were almost identical, I merged them.

It’s the project window you are looking at that you deleted all the audio out of.


I could cope of course if I could find the window that is supposed to be open with the project.

If you think there is a problem, for example Audacity says the project is open in another window and it isn’t, please give us exact steps to reproduce the problem.

Even if you saved the projects with the same name but in different folders, Audacity will still only say that name is open if you choose the name and path from Recent Files that actually is open. Otherwise it will open the project.

If the project that you are looking at still has deleted audio, choose Edit > Undo in that project to undo the unwanted delete. The Edit menu is at the top of the Audacity window, second from the left.


Thanks for your help. I will not click delete more than once from now on. As the project is only 30 minutes long I will re-do it.

The reason clicking Delete twice deletes all the project audio is that Audacity’s default preference “Select all audio in project, if none selected” is turned on in Tracks Preferences . This is handy if you want to apply an effect to all your audio because you don’t need to select all first, but the feature is quite “aggressive” so you can always turn it off.


Thank you Gale. I am happy now!