Project file size ballooning

Ever since the update, my project file size had ballooned something massive. I had a 27 Gb (!!!) project that I’d been working on for a few hours and it crashed last evening because I ran out of space on my drive. But there’s no reason a single track linear edit should have gotten up to 27 gigs! I have no idea what’s happening. I started diving back in on that project from square one today and I’m 13 minutes in to an hour long file and it’s already at 3 gigs, what is happening?? Any help seriously appreciated.

What version did you update from?

What are you doing to it?


Not sure, I keep it up to date so whatever version was before 3.4 (and then it updated again last night or so), just basic editing. Clipping out uhs and ums to someone’s podcast

3.3.3, I think.

I don’t think this is it, but Audacity “remembers” the whole show in its super high quality format every time you do an effect or change. That’s how it forms Edit > Undo. It just backs up one version.

That’s also why you can’t easily Undo out of order.

It is my opinion that you should never do an update, upgrade, or version shuffle in the middle of a show. This is why.


You may, if you wish, back up to an earlier version of Audacity to find the one that used to work.

I created a simple one-hour stereo show in 3.3.3 and saved a Project. It came in at 643MB. I did three simple edits and the show size ballooned to about 2GB.

A note about the machine. I have a modest 13" 7-year old Mac laptop and it has a 250GB drive. If you ran out of drive space so fast, maybe it’s not Audacity.


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