Project exported into a thousand files and the timestamps are wrong

So, pretty much the title of this post. Me and my friend recorded a bout an hour of audio for a podcast and she exported the AU files onto my phone. A few days later I go to work on editing the project and find that there are not only way too many files but also the time stamps are all wrong as well ( I assume from being saved to my micro SD card in the phone.

Is their anyway to remedy this problem or I am I quite simply boned and now have to sort these files manually listening to each one in Audacity.

she exported the AU files onto my phone.

AU files are Audacity Project internal files. They’re not supposed to be managed outside of a Project.

If you saved the work, chances are the completed Project is still there somewhere.

It will look like this.

The AUP file is the instructions for how Audacity should change all the little AU files (living inside the _DATA folder) back into your show.

That’s pretty much the only way to avoid shooting it again.


You can reassemble the little 6-second AU files back into the show manually. It’s not Impossible if you didn’t edit or change the show from the recording. If you’re holding an edited show, you’re dead.

The AU files alternate stereo left and right. They do follow roughly the time and date stamps if it’s a raw recording.

The trouble is Windows Time and Date isn’t fine enough to do a good job, so you need to collect all the T&D bunches that you can figure out into a basket and then arrange the basket so it makes theatrical sense. “She said this and then I said that.”

Left and Right will sound very similar, so those should group without too much trouble.The finished show may flip left and right occasionally, but that’s a piffle compared to the rest of the job.

You can run into trouble if you took long pauses during the show. Those will not group manually and it could be said you can just leave them out.


so it’s not an edited version or anything like. I have done what you said with a different recording but the difference there was that all the timestamps were intact and they were actually exported in chronological order I actually had a pretty easy (if not mind numbingly boring) time of just importing them in 1 minute chunks into audacity and compiling editing them together. Here the Timestamps are all out of wack and represent the time not when they file was created in the process of recording but when they were exported into my phone ( I assume). Meaning, that when I did find the first file the start of the show what was next was a piece of conversation 13 minutes later… and it was at that point I went for help here.

Macs give an option of viewing Date Created and Date Modified.

Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.47.06.png
Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.48.08.png
It’s possible that’s a Windows hidden option.