Project Data

ME and my friend are trying to share project files but when he sends it it says missing Data File how do we find the project data I have the AUP Compressed and all we are both on 2.1 Audacity and windows 10

This is an Audacity Project.

When you launch the AUP file, it calls the _DATA folder which is holding the show in pieces.

You need both, you can’t put the AUP inside the_DATA folder and they both have to be in the same place, folder or directory for the show to open.

You can compress or Zip a Project for shipping, but you should Zip both, since they have to be together for the show to open.


ok i have both files both are in the same directory (my documents folder where i keep all my audacity files) but even tho they are both in the same area it still doesnt work do i some how have to combine both files or what

i have both files both are in the same directory

You have to be crazy accurate when we’re troubleshooting. One of them is a directory or folder, not a file. Do you have two files?

Did you change the names of either the AUP file or the _DATA folder? The Project name is burned into the AUP and it has to match the actual filename.

Right-Click the AUP file > Open With > Audacity. If you get an error message, what is it?

Audacity doesn’t make a version 2.1 Do you really have 2.1.1? People might make a version 2.1, but it’s bogus.


yea i have 3 because the original file i unzipped it my version is 2.1.0 first it says its missing 23 files but the data file is some times not even found

There is no data file. There is an AUP file and a _data folder.

Help > Show Log… will list the AU files that are missing.

Can you start over? Close the project you want to share. Select the AUP file and the _data folder for that project, right-click and choose the option to make a ZIP file.


i tryed to do the show log but it was 100% gibberish to me.

Then you could attach it. Please see here for how to attach files:

But if the _data folder is sometimes missing and sometimes not, it sounds like you could have been renaming or moving the project files or folders. You can’t do that.

It may be best to start over like I said.